JadeXplorer - Lighweight Inventory Catelogue

JadeXplorer contains records on various IT-related assets for your organization.


Searching Assets

Using the search, you can find assets logged and updated by JadeXplorer. Useful information, such as Service Tag, Device Model, and Internal IP, will be shown along with a list of recent logins and edits to the device.


The lists show detailed information catalogued by JadeXplorer. View device types and the assets that belong to those devices, operating systems in your organization, and recent user login history organized by the most-used assets in a given time period.

Statistical Logging

The statistics page shows overall information regarding what has been logged, along with displaying recent user logins and asset edits.

Creating & Editing Entries

To create or edit an asset, you must be logged in. Once logged in, editing and creation options will become available throughout the website.